What do you dream of?  When you’re alone at night, safe in your bed and halfway between sleep and consciousness, what filters through your mind? What floats just behind your eyes as you sink further toward warmth and comfort?

I dream of flying.  I am light and carefree and have beautiful, colourful, strong wings that beat on the warm wind and carry me wherever I want to go.  I dream I am free of the dark that threatens to consume us all.  I am content, and blissful.  I come and I go, I eat and I laugh, I love and I invest.  I am truth.  I am strength.  I am beauty.  But most of all, I am me.

This is my attempt to become that bird.  I want to free myself of the shackles of life and be my truth.  I have lived a life that had me hiding in shadows rather than taking to the skies where the sun shines brightly and the breeze whispers dreams in my ears.  Too long I have hidden.  It is time to shine…